working togetherBetter together towards accessible information for people with low vision.

Wednesday 28 June 2017 | The Hague | The Netherlands.

Better Together

If specialists and experts tap into their combined potential, they can produce something that's greater than the sum of the parts. This is Dedicon's inspiration and goal for the Better Together Conference. And this combined approach is great news for people with low vision. Read more

Advances in technology and media are making a significant contribution to realising this mission. But which solutions offer the best potential? To create focus, coordinated innovation is crucial. This is why the Better Together Conference will have three tracks, in which together we’ll explore developments now, tomorrow and in the future.

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Together Today

Today, the technological challenges faced by people with low vision are considerable. But, fortunately, so are the opportunities that are available. This track looks at how we can help anyone with low vision gain, or regain control over their lives. Off-the-shelf products and advice on accessible information can help people address the challenges and access the opportunities.
There are so many applications already available to help with reading, learning, finding information and communicating. But which ones are worth taking on board? And how do you make sure you get the best out of them?


  • Digital content / ePub3
  • E-books / e-readers
  • Apps / smart phones / tablets
  • Accessible content sharing solutions
  • Streaming distribution / online solutions
  • TactileGraphics / 3D printing

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Are you a specialist in one of these areas, or do you have another specialist field you believe is relevant?  Are you willing to share your knowledge and insights? We just can’t wait to receive your proposal for a presentation (30 minutes), master class or workshop (90 minutes).

We look forward to receiving your contribution.

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