NOTaS has its own magazine: DIXIT.  This magazine (in Dutch) plays an important role in the communication with the (potential) users of LST. NOTaS participants and its sponsors obtain printed copies of theme-oriented editions fordistribution to their business relations.

A few months after publication of the printed version,  each DIXIT edition is also published online as  PDF file.  Here you will find a complete overview of all DIXIT editions in PDF format. For a couple of older DIXIT's only the front page is available as a PDF file.

A suitable program such as Adobe Readeris required in order to readand print PDF files.

  AI and HLT Robots and HLT HLT and Children
December 2015
  Dixit 2017 Dixit 2016 Dixit 2015
TST in apps
december 2014
Expats in TST
december 2013
Big Data and TST
december 2012
TST in a company
december 2011 (uitgebreide e-versie)
Expats in TST Expats in TST DIXIT Big Data en TST
TST in Business
december 2011
(gedrukte versie)
TST for Cultural Heritage
december 2010

TST for the Government
november 2009

STEVIN en Education
november 2008

TST in Care
april 2008
december 2006
juni 2006
TST and Education
2005, nummer 4
2005, nummer 3
2005, nummer 2
2005, nummer 1
2004, nummer 4
2004, nummer 3
2004, nummer 2
2004, nummer 1
2003, nummer 1