In recent years, a large number of HLT-related videos appeared online. Here we present several of these videos. Please contact us if you want to add additional videos.

Video Development Center Speech and Language Technology

"The Development of Speech and Language Technology (OSTT) focuses on the application of speech and language technology for people with communication limitations and rehabilitation patients in general." - www.ostt.eu.

A video about OSTT's goals and activities:

A video about the PEDDS project (Pronunication Error Detection in Dysarthric Speech):


"With over 400 customers Telecats is the Dutch market leader for customer contact solutions with IVR, speech technology and VoIP. Telecats offers various platforms that can handle thousands of concurrent customer contacts. " - www.telecats.nl

A video about NEON (Dutch Subtitling of TV broadcasts):

A video about Speech Recognition in Courts: